outside view across the street Outdoor 2 Outdoor 3 Outside 1 Front Door Just inside the front door front desk checkout Books--only a dollar each Looking past the checkout desk Looking to the right as you enter the door Marbles and Match Box Cars More of the front room More decorative items wooden advertising boxes Signs Still more of the front room Tea cups Going up stairs Assorted Kitchen Ware Assorted Kitchen Ware 1 Assorted Kitchen Ware 3 Nice display of small kitchen utensils More kitchen ware Kitchen Decorative Items More of the upstairs 1 More of the upstairs 2 More of the upstairs 3 More of the upstairs 4 More of the upstairs 5 More of the upstairs 6 More of the upstairs 7 More of the upstairs 8 Yarn and sewing supplies More Yarn and sewing supplies Still More Yarn and sewing supplies Textile items Tonka Trucks Mason Jars Cast iron ware Cones of four ply yarn Close up of cones of yarn Cooking items Decorative items in front room Enamel ware Fishing items Glass bottles Looking down the stairs tool room 1 tool room 2 tool room 3 tool room 4 tool room 5 tool room 6 tool room 7 tool room 8 tool room 9 tool room10 tool room 11 tool room 12 tool room 13 tool room 14 tool room 15 tool room 16 tool room 17 tool room 18 tool room 19 tool room 20 tool room 21
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